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Motherboard Parts, Parts of Motherboard

Motherboard is the main part of Computer. A Motherboard have different ports for different type of devices. It is like heart of Computer.

Following are the main parts of Motherboard.

1) Memory Slots

Memory Slots also known as Memory banks. A bank should complete with memory Modules of same size for example

3 (3 *1) Three Memory slots with one bank

4(2*2) Four Memory Slots with two banks

2) Processor Socket

A Motherboard also have sockets for Processor. There are many Sockets exist but two of them are more common. These are used by Intel and AMD.

a) The Pin Grid Array (PGA)

b) The Land Grid Array (LGA)

In case of PGA a CPU will have pins to fit on Socket while in case of LGA a CPU will not have such pins and it will just sit on the Socket.

3) ATA and S-ATA Interface connectors

ATA is Same thing as IDE. It stand for Advanced Technology Attachment. It is Used to connect hard drives and optic drives. We can attach two drive on same ribbon. One will be master and other will be slave.

S-ATA Serial Advanced Technology Attachment is new technology that is faster than ATA and only one device can be attach using this Technology.

4) Floppy Drive Connector

It is used to connect Floppy Drive but this technology is going to disappear and we will not use it.

5) 32 bit PCI Slots, AGP And PCIe

32 bit slots Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) are used to install sound cards, graphic cards, Ethernet cards and modems.

The motherboard parts Accelerated Graphics Port (AGP) and PCI Epress (PCIe) focus on graphic cards only. AGP standards use x2, x4 or x8 technologies. AGP 8 being the best, it is highly boosting your graphics and video performances. In Comparison with his old brother PCI, it is day and night.

PCIe standard is even better than AGP standard, and mostly the only one used right now. Some like to say, PCIe is a AGP standard at x16 and it is the #1 choice for gaming machines right now

Back Panel Connectors
On back side of CPU you can see ports to plug the mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer, sound system and any other peripherals you may have.

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