Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Android 2.4 release date and features

Long we have been awaited the time we had some details regarding the Android 2.4 release date and features. CES 2011 has truly been a blessing so now we have some spicy details to discuss. Don’t expect much, as it seems the sweetest Android version until now will just be a minor update. Google has failed once, and the second time is yet to come.
Android 2.4 is the next Android update that is expected to hit soon the market. Actually, the OS is already built and has been spottedrunning on a future Sony Xperia phone 12we think ), during CES this year. Although it’s an early build, it’s up and running, for testing purposes of course, but that is enough for us. Many rumors were related to this specific version, even the name and number ( as usual ). Not until two days now we weren’t sure if 2.4 was not the real number of the Honeycomb version, when CES 2011 cleared that. Actually, we are in lack of a version name. You all know until now that every mobile OS released by Google has a sweet name, given in an alphabetical order. Gingerbread was 2.3 and Honeycomb is 3.0. 2.4 naming ideas anybody ?

Returning to the real world, the first word of an Android 2.4 release date was launched a couple of weeks ago. It is said that the update is expected to hit on MWC in February 2011. TheMobile World Congress may be a relevant place to see it announced, probably with the launch of the Sony Xperia Arcs but, we have a hunch this won’t happen. Why? Well, Android 2.3 has just been revealed and not a single phone was yet updated. Google works faster than carriers, and this is getting annoying. We all want a newer Android version on our cellphones, becausethey are all compatible but, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T are sleeping.
Although we could see in February, we are expecting a total failure because of the small importance of the update. Sources all around are rumoring minor features added to Android2.4 and a quit launch. Along with some usual bug fixes, little is known about them. We managed to build up a list, which makes the update look like the Donut 2.

Android 2.4 features

We remind you that this is an early list. If something new comes out, we will surely update it.
  • Faster: Android 2.4 is rumored to be the fastest Android version until present. Tweakers.net reported to feel absolutely no delay between switching applications and windows.
  • Nicer: Animations were totally upgraded in this version. This can be easily seen when working with widgets and shortcuts on the phone’s desktop.
  • Cleaner: Android 2.4 has noise reduction software built within. This will reduce the interference caused by signal disruption or loss. A big plus I have to say.
  • Video Chat (er): This feature is not finished yet. The frame code has just been added and we could hopefully see it running on the gTalk application.
Keep in mind that this information will be frequently updated with any changes announced on the market. Make sure you check back. Hope we intrigued you so far. Until next time, we leave you with some nice evidence of the 2.4 existence


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