Thursday, 27 October 2011

Essential iPhone Apps For Every Blogger

As mobile high speed internet connections become faster and more reliable, we can expect blogging to become more mobile as well. Typing out a full blog post including images and media on an iPhone used to be a chore. Nowadays, blogging from your iPhone is relatively painless and hassle-free with the use of a few handy applications from the iTunes Store. Here are 8 of the best blogging apps on the market today for the iPhone platform.


When most people think of blogging, they think Wordpress. The Wordpress iPhone App gives anybody the ability to update their Wordpress-based or hosted blog quickly and easily. Featuring an intuitive and responsive interface and support for nearly every capability baked into Wordpress, the official iPhone app is all you need to blog on the go. Just make sure you have Wordpress 2.9.2 or above installed, and this application will fit your work flow perfectly.


Believe it or not, many people still use Blogger to publish content on the web; quite a few people, in fact. While many have moved on to Wordpress, Tumblr, Typepad, and other platforms, Blogger remains popular. That's why the Blogger application is such a big draw at the iTunes Store. It does exactly what you'd expect, without a lot of fuss or confusing options to muddle through. If you're looking for a simple way to post to your Blogger blog, this is the application for you.


It seems like all the cool kids are using Tumblr nowadays. The Tumblr app for the iOS platform is basically the same thing as the Wordpress application, but with a greater focus on media and quick blogging. Many Tumblr users tend to publish shorter posts, and that's reflected in the user interface. If you just want to dash off a quick blurb to your Tumblr blog, this is the best way to do it.


Sometimes, keeping sources and information well-organized and at arm's reach is of paramount importance when you're running a well-read, high traffic blog. When inspiration for your next killer post strikes or you just want to share something with a friend or colleague, the EverNote iPhone app is your best friend. Whether it's a great photo, quote, or video clip that you want to access later, Evernote is the best way to archive things on your iPhone.


In a nutshell, Byline is basically just a feed aggregator for your favorite RSS streams, news websites, and blogs. What sets Byline apart is its refined UI, snappy responsiveness, and ease of configuration. You can set up your news streams any which way you like, and it also utilizes local storage to intelligently cache feeds in case you lose your high speed Internet connection while you're on the go.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Most people wouldn't think that you'd be able to accomplish a lot of photo manipulation on a smart phone. They clearly haven't met Adobe Photoshop Express, a nifty application that allows anyone with an iPhone to perform a number of different operations on images and photographs. Whether you need to crop a snapshot, apply a filter, or use special effects, Photoshop Express has you covered.

Air Sharing

You have to hand it to Apple, they make sharing and transferring files easy, as long as you're using Apple products, of course. Air Sharing makes it a simple task to compose drafts on your iPhone and then quickly transfer them to your computer at home or at the office for a final review before you publish your work. If you're a Mac user who blogs, Air Sharing belongs on whatever mobile device you use.

Analytics App

The name of this application pretty much says it all. Analytics App is focused on giving users the ability to interact with their Google Analytics account and get information about web traffic on the go. It allows you to customize your data and results any way you see fit. Now that Google Analytics delivers real-time results on web traffic, any blogger with a popular website can't afford to not have an analytics application on their smart phone.

The long and short of it

Ultimately, it's tough to make up for the lack of screen real estate that a laptop or even a tablet can provide. But you can still be a productive and effective mobile blogger with the help of a few handy applications such as the ones listed above. Thanks to a little innovative software, location and hardware constrictions don't have to curtail your ability to blog when you're away from home. 


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