Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Types of LCD TVs

LCD means liquid crystal display. You may see others calling it liquid crystal diode. This is not correct. One single word makes the whole meaning wrong. It must be confused with LED, otherwise known as light emitting diode. This is the red light that we commonly see in the clock radios. However today, LED lights are already produced in many colors. What is a diode? It is an electronic valve which prevents the current from going in another direction that will interfere with the functioning of the light projection of the TV.
There are actually three different types of LCD TV: 
1. Flat Panel LCD is the one which is competing with Plasma televisions. This is the thinnest television, and also the lightest among the others. 
2. Rear Projection LCD competes with Digital Light Protection or DLP televisions. This is a much thicker one as compared to the flat panel LCDs. They compete with the DLP models. The rear projection LCD range from 15 - 19 inches in thickness and weighs about 45 kilos. 
3. Front Projection projects on a screen and it can reach a size as big as 200 inches or even 300 inches if your room is big enough. This type of LCD TV is very portable. It is also lightweight. One particular model weighs only four pounds. But of course, you must have a place where you want to project your image.

Toshiba manufactures all of these types of LCD TV.
By the terms liquid and crystal in LCD, they both refer to the media where the current is being applied. The crystals intertwine, bend, and twist which totally depend on the amount of electric current being sent through them. Shape transformation allows light to pass through which means that many different shades of each different color are allowed. A simple example of an LCD is the digital watch that we use every single day.
LCD, DLP, Liquid Crystal on Silicon or LCoS are gradually replacing the old televisions. By this we are talking about the CRT monitors which are becoming obsolete as time passes by


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