Friday, 30 December 2011

Suggestions for Ensuring that Team Work are Productive

Write briefly 10 additional suggestions for ensuring that team work are productive?

The following are some suggestions to insure that team work are productive
1)      We should be patient and kind for our team. We should not think that our team are lazy and careless. Our assumption for our team should best.
2)      We should fix the problem instead on blaming to people. It will increase trust and productivity of team
3)      We should organize regular meeting and focus on our project objectives
4)      As a project manager or leader we should allow time for our team to go through team building stages. We should not expect highest performance from our team.
5)      The size of team should be 3 to 5 members.
6)      We should also plan some optional social activities for our teams and stakeholder, so that they can know each other.
7)      Create such team traditions that should be enjoy able for our team members.
8)      Encourage our team members to help each other, this will increase the productivity of team.
9)      We should acknowledge our team members and their accomplishments
10)   For our virtual team members we should take some additional actions for better team management.


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