Sunday, 24 July 2011

How to add,remove or rename label from blogger

Hi guys i am going to show you that how to add,remove or delete a label from blogger. To add a new label in blogger
A) How to add label to blogger
1) Go to and login to your blogger
2) Go to posting and click on "Edit Posts"

3) Click on "label actions" here you will find "new label" click on it and give it a name. Done!!

B) How to delete label from blogger
1) Similarly go to label action as i mentioned above
2) Click "Select all" Now.

3) You will see remove label option in drop down label actions menu
4) Now click below to remove the label!! Done.

C) How to delete Label from blogger
1) Go to "posting" then  "edit posts"
2) On right side you will find all the labels of your blog have.

3) click on any label to rename.
4) Now click on "Select all"

5) Now go to drop down menu and in apply label section you will find "New Label" click on it and give a name you want.

6) All of your post of label which you want to rename will go to that label.
7) Now remove the label which has given another name. At the end of label action drop down menu
you will find remove label option delete label from here! Done.
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