Saturday, 21 January 2012

Linux Software Installation,Runlevels,XPenguins 2.2,powertop version 1.1 on your Linux System

Lab12: Software Installation

Lab Tasks:

1. Runlevels

· Make Runlevel 3 your default Runlevel

If you have an /etc/inittab file, edit it. Locate the following line:


Change the number after the first colon to the runlevel you want to be the default.

However, most people won't have that file, in which case you should edit /etc/init/rc-sysinit.conf instead and change the following line:


· Initiate the single user Runlevel from GRUB console and try to change the root password

Choose the "(recovery mode)" option from GRUB; add "-s", "S" or "single" to the kernel command-line; or from a running machine, run "telinit 1" or "shutdown now".

2. Software Installation

· Install XPenguins 2.2 on your Linux System from its RPM
Rpm -I xpenguins-2.2.rpm //alien is used for rpm packages + install rmp if not installed


· Install powertop version 1.1 on your Linux System from its source code
tar -zxvf powertop-1.1.tar.gz //v for gz

cd powertop-1.1


make install



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