Sunday, 1 January 2012

Define Attitude? Organization Attitude Effect On IT Project

                 In project management an attitude is a response toward an idea, event, in situation or                                          to a person positively or negatively. One other definition is a mental situation for any event, situation or idea and response to particular event.
Attitude and IT project:
 As we know from attitude definition that it is a response toward a particular event so attitude has a great effect on IT projects. Developing an IT project is a great challenge for IT project manager and his team. So every member and manager should have good attitude. Attitude provides confidence and it is very important in decision making. So a good project manager should have a good attitude. Organization attitude has a great effect on Projects. So a good project manager must have following properties.
I)                   Respect
II)                Responsibility
III)             Empathy
IV)             Trust
V)                Confidence  


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