Saturday, 21 January 2012

Monitoring Linux

Monitoring a Linux System
·       Search the boot log to see all the section where the network interface has been mentioned
dmesg | grep eth0                  
dmesg | grep network | grep interface
·       Find out what is the cache size of your PC’s processor
vmstat     (or hwinfo)   
·       Find out the IRQ number associated with the interrupts generated by your Ethernet card
dmesg | grep irq
·       Find out the PCI Bus IDs of the USB Controllers on your PC
·       Start the ssh service on your PC and establish a local connection to it by using ssh username@localhost
o   Use netstat to find out the process ids of all TCP connections established on your machine
sudo apt-get install ssh;
sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start   or sudo service ssh start;
·       Which version of Linux kernel is currently installed on your system?
uname -mrs (-a all)
·       Show the duration of last 5 logins at your system
last -5


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