Saturday, 21 January 2012

RAID volume group and logical volumes,Software RAID based VG,Linux RAID

1.    Create the volume group and logical volumes
·        Create a primary partition of 100 MB using fdisk and choose its mount point as /boot
·        Create 3 logical partitions of sizes 2, 4 and 6 GB and for the File system ID select Linux LVM (Do not format or create a file system on these partitions)
·        Commit these changes and reboot (or use partprobe)
·        Select LVM in the YaST Expert Partitioner
·        Create a VG named systemVG
o   Physical Extent Size: The physical extent size defines the smallest unit of a logical volume group
·        Add the 3 PVs to your systemVG volume group
·        Create 4 LVs in your systemVG volume group with following characteristics:-
·        2 GB LV called root mounted at / formatted with ReiserFS
·        1 GB LV called home mounted at /home formatted with ext2
·        3 GB LV called linuxStuff mounted at /usr formatted with xfs
·        2 GB LV called virtualMem formatted as swap
Try resizing the home LV and see what happens
2.    Create a Software RAID based VG
·        Create two partitions of exact same size (10 GB each) and for the File system ID select Linux RAID Auto
·        Use the YaST RAID Wizard to set them up as RAID 0 (Stripping mode)
·        Create a VG called fastVG and add this RAID PV to it
·        Create a LV on it formatted with JFS and mounted on /moodle


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