Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character

Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character is what Albert Einstein said and he was right. Weakness of attitude means that if we show a poor attitude it will affect our lives. The more weakness we show the more number of people perceptions will change about us and they will considered as horrible persons. However if we show good attitude, then our impact on people will be positive and our character will be good and people will considered as caring persons. Our attitude will defines who we are and how people will think we are. 

So how bad attitude becomes weakness of character? Attitude is personal view of something, a view or general feeling about something. If we see it in terms of body postures then it will be a physical posture, either conscious or unconscious, especially while interacting with others. So weakness of attitude will be weak views, weak body postures. So for richer, better life, for good business we should check our attitude i.e. our views and we should conclude is it effects our practical life or not. Einstein says yes these views and body postures effect a lot on our character. Your character will be poor and weak in case of bad views and bad body postures. 

The word character means “enduring marks”. The most profitable way to do this is also difficult to achieve. Aside from the high and noble process, there are several activities that can be included in our lives that will strengthen our foundational process. 

Attitude is an approach of mind towards its surroundings. So what actually weakness and strength is? Is its weakness of wealth or lot of money is strength. Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character as long as we place it within the circumference of our notion about morality. But beyond morality is also a whole world. It is true that Attitude determines our actions and a flaw in the attitude is going to affect all around us so much so that one becomes instrumental for the suffering of all around us unknowingly or knowingly. The flaw determines the attitude and attitude determines the actions. And if our actions are not good and negative it will affect a lot on our character. 

By saying weakness of attitude, becomes weakness of character we are attributing the weakness of attitude as the only cause and reason for weakness of character which is not so. It is only a contributory factor and attitude is subject to change for which there are prescribed methods. So a negative and weak attitude can cause weak of character. If you've ever worked with colleagues who seem to have a constantly bad attitude about their job and responsibilities, then you know that those people tend to be less effective in the workplace. Due to their weak attitude their character also becomes weak and these types of people expelled from their jobs and if they have their own business they cannot grow it positively. Having a positive attitude in the workplace can contribute to your success in the workplace. Having a good attitude at work fosters an environment of high morale, increases communication and productivity and character of persons also grow. So a person’s character, morale and productivity decrease due to weak attitude. 

Negative attitude not only effect on our character but it also effects some other aspects of life. A self-defeating negative attitude will have negative impact on every aspect of life. Negative attitude not only affect a single person but it affects other people also. It also affects once personal and professional life and it can kill man’s career. Although attitude seem to be very small thing but it has lot of effects in our real life. Attitude can determine a person’s success, personal life, his character and his mental health. 

In short attitude has a great effect on our life, our character, our success, and our relations with other people. So we should have a good and positive attitude if we want to live a good life.


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