Friday, 30 December 2011

Critical Issues of Software Project Management

There is lot number of issues in software project management. I will describe a brief summary of these critical issues.
The biggest issue is that the requirements are not clear at early stage of project.  Our customers are not specific and concrete but he gives a very vague problem explanation. So we have to be very careful because if we cannot get all requirements at early stage of project it can be a big loss of time and money.
Another critical issue in project management is communication with our client. If our client is week in communication, then he cannot explain his problem very well. Our client may also be a busy person and he cannot give much time to explain project requirement and that can cause serious problems in latter stages of project.
Another critical issue is that many IT projects cannot start on time due to some reasons. So it becomes very difficult to follow projects schedule and project does not complete on time. To do every project in same fashion is another big issue in project management. Because every project has different time, goal and requirements so we should perform project according to situation and environment.
Sometime client does not happy with our project end result. He may want different output but due to lack of communication and vague requirements we could not achieve goal that we should have to do. So it is very important that we should know all the requirements as early as possible.
Another major problem in project management is that we have to spend a lot of time to fix even very small bug if we have not so much experience. So it becomes very difficult to follow project schedule that is why we should be very careful while making project schedule.
Scope creep is another major problem in software project management. It means that project becomes so big that we cannot complete it on time. These types of problems come when project manager is new and he has not enough experience in this field. So we should be very careful when we choose project and gather requirements.
Lack of strategic alignment is another major issue in project management. For example some project manager and leader do not know what types of project they should start. The lack of strategic planning can cause these types of problems. So any organization or company should have a strategic planning policy.
Stakeholder management is another major issue in software project management. So a strong leadership can solve this problem.
Staff gaps develop is a condition in which a person that is key to project and if due to some problem he stops working we should have a substitute that can take his position. This type of problem is very critical and some time it can produce a project failure situation.
Another major issue is project teams spent lot of time for designing and implementing not on testing. And this problem is very critical issue; it means that our software can have some bugs. Our customer can reject these types of project if bug is critical. That is why we also perform proper testing as well.
Technology does not remain stable for long time it changes very quickly and that is why we have to remain update. So to understand and work on different types of technology, project team has to work very hard and it is also very difficult.
Sometime a project also faces shortage of budget. This thing can happen due to lack of good management and scope creep. Some project need very high quality, so some time it becomes difficult to gain such type of quality.
Time management is another very critical issue in software project management. In IT project it is very critical issue and we have to manage it very well. We should use some tools and techniques that can manage schedule of our project


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