Saturday, 31 December 2011

Minimize or Control Changes to Project Schedules, Project Schedules Problems

The following are some critical points that must be used to control changes in project schedules.
i)          We should perform reality checks on projects schedules. So it is important that projects should have realistic check and project manager should have strong hold on it. The project manager should check the first reality check on that schedule that is include in project charter.
ii)                Use leadership and emphasis to follow project schedule.
iii)              In stakeholders meeting we should emphasis on project schedule and time.
iv)              We should not plan that everyone will perform 100% and we should prepare project schedule accordingly.
v)                IT projects have unrealistic project schedule so we should prepare a better schedule.
vi)              We should know the status of the schedule and we should also note the things that effects on project schedule. So if any changes required in project schedule we should be very careful and we should use tools to implement these changes.
vii)           At the start of the project we should review project schedule carefully and after this we should prepare a detailed schedule for our project and if we found any problem in schedule we should inform top management.
viii)         We should use progress reports, a schedule control system to manage our schedule. These tools and techniques are very important.


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