Friday, 30 December 2011

Importance of Teamwork According to Patrick LenCioni for an Organization

What is the importance of teamwork according to Patrick LenCioni for an organization?

Patrick LenCioni on Teamwork:
Patrick is a well-known author and a team consultant. He has given lot of comments on team work and some other things. He has also write five dysfunctions on teams and he has given some nice tricks to increase our team performance and he has also given some suggestion for improving team work.
According to the Patrick
Teamwork remains the one sustainable competitive advantage that have been largely untapped team work is almost always lacking within organizations that fail and often present within those that succeed.
So in this statement Patrick has emphasized on importance of team work. According to his statement if our teams are not better and well organized, and lack of confidence then it is very critical issue for any organization. The organizations that lack of teamwork will fail very badly in their projects and other tasks that they are performing.
On the other hand well managed and good teams cause the success of organizations. Organizations should focus on teamwork and they should develop better teams for their projects. Patrick has also given lot of suggestion for making better teams and to do teamwork. So it has cleared that positive teamwork is very necessary for our organizations.


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