Friday, 30 December 2011

Five Dysfunctions of teams, Lencioni's books suggestions

What are five dysfunctions of teams? And what are Lencioni's books suggestions for overcoming each of these dysfunctions?
In his various books and other publications he has written five dysfunctions of teams. These dysfunctions are

1) Absent of trust
Absent of trust within teams is very critical issue. A project manager should resolve it as soon as possible otherwise project will be going to fail. If team members have absent of trust then they will not share valuable information to each other that they know.

To solve absent of trust he suggests using Myers-Briggs type indicator. It will create trust among team members.

2) Fear of conflict
This is also a big issue in teams so project manager should solve it very well. So any organization should solve every types of conflict issue.
To solve this issue he suggests for passionate debates of team member on critical issues.

3) Lack of commitment
Patrick says lack of commitment is also very critical issue in any organization. Lack of commitment can cause serious problem and it will guide toward project failure and big loss of money and time.
For achieving commitment he suggest to bring out all possible ideas and then getting people to agree or disagree but after this make a commitment on decisions.

4) Avoidance of accountability

Accountability becomes a very critical issue when it comes to team work. So if we are facing this problem in our team then it will be very difficult to achieve our goal, meet the deadline, conduct timely meetings, and to fulfill the project requirements. So project manager and project leader should take corrective actions to solve these types of issues for productivity.
Patrick suggests we should be very clear about ambiguous statement and goals and we should focus on every one top priority.

5) Inattention to resultsIt is very important for a team to have clear goals, otherwise the organizations will totally fail. So it is necessary to have a valid, real, achievable goal. So any confusion in goal can cause project failure and loss.

For inattention to results he suggests that we should use some type of scoreboard to eliminate ambiguity.


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