Saturday, 31 December 2011

Leadership and Management Style of Steve Jobs,

Steve jobs had great leadership and managerial skills. He has been considered anomaly in management. His management style should be admire but cannot be replicate.
 He put the people at the center, it does not mean that he gave everything to employees they want. But Apple’s innovation is not user driven but there is great role of Steve in innovation.
Managing by meaning is means that people are human, they are natural, they have emotions, and they have culture. Steve always wanted to give some innovated thing to people that is why most of Apple’s product sold by their innovation and their style and design. So even some drawbacks of Apple’s product, people prefer to by apple product due the innovation. 

Jobs always try to search those products that make any sense to peoples. That is why Apple’s is champion to create new product. iMac G3 was colorful and beautiful product which has changed the mind of people. iPod and iTunes created a new sense in music world. iPhone was an another innovation which has changed the mind of people from business point of view to social  entertainment. These devices not only gave good performance but they also gave a new sense to people.


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